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Hawaii Kauai SunstIn the pages of LuvLeenie you will find my stories of love and life and the adventure of it all.  You will read the sometimes mundane, sometimes magnificent, sometimes beautiful and sometimes not (like the time the whole family spent 4 days puking in Kauai or Crabpocolypse in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica).  You will find good information and resources about the places we have been and the lessons from our experiences.  You will also find stories about our life at home in Nesting in the West because  I am just as passionate about being at home as I am about hitting the road. 

Some abbreviated info about my life’s adventure so far:

You can call me Kathleen or Leenie or Mary Kathleen.  My husband is Darren.  We have three littles, Girl#1(11), Girl#2(8) and OnlyBoy(4) as well as a dog, Daisy (15), a cat, Scooby (15), 5 hens and 1 beta fish.   We live in beautiful Colorado.

As a twenty-something, I fell in love with my husband, Darren.  We met while in college at CU, Boulder.  We began a huge adventure together of making it through college, paying the bills and figuring out what we were going to do with our lives.  To delay that for a little while (the figuring it out thing), we moved to Ketchum, Idaho to camp and ride bikes.  Eventually, I got a job in  high-tech marketing and communications before the Cloud was popular and enterprise software was still “in” and Darren got himself into Osteopathic Medical School in Philadelphia.  The rest of our lives together to the present went something like this:

We drive two cars and a U-Haul trailer across the country (1999)
We buy a tiny little house in Northwest Philly
We get married (2000)
I go to work
Darren goes to school
I travel
Darren studies
We almost get divorced (ah medical school)
We go to the Caribbean for my 30th birthday (or a friend’s wedding) and find each other again
We get our shit together
We finally get a double income
I get pregnant
Our beautiful, Ella, arrives (2004)
I promptly resign from my job
I have no plan
We have an intern salary to live on
We overdraft the bank account
We return all of the Christmas presents
I start consulting
Darren starts moonlighting
We don’t sleep
We have some fun
I get pregnant
I have a miscarriage
I get pregnant again
Our beautiful baby girl, Juliet, arrives (2006)
We get into a groove as the parents of two
We juggle kids and work
We dream of moving back out west
Darren gets a job in Cheyenne, WY
We buy a house on the internet
We move to Fort Collins, CO (2008)
Darren moonlights to pay off debt
I am alone with two kids
Oh so lonely
We make some friends
We start enjoying our life
We ski
We hike
We ride our bikes
We travel
Darren gets a job .9 miles from our house (woohoo)
I start a business
I find out I am pregnant (holy shit)
Our beautiful baby boy, Liam, arrives (2011)
My business partner moves to Florida
Our business is struggling
We phase out the business
I am a “just a mom” for the first time
I am restless
Everyday I think about going back to school
Everyday I have another great idea
I settle down and start being “present”
I start writing and taking more pictures
I have a desire to be creative for the first time EVER
I start blogging with my Mary Sisters
I start blogging at LuvLeenie (2014)
We move 1 mile from our original house (kind of on a whim)
We love our new digs

These days we are in a good place as the parents of three in our Colorado town.  We helped each other get here.  At times it was really hard, but I wouldn’t trade a minute, even the hard stuff.  It is all part of our story and it got us to where we are today, right now.  And that is a pretty great place. 

I appreciate my readers so much because I know how busy life can be and the fact that you chose to read LuvLeenie makes me feel fortunate.  Thanks for visiting!



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