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Adventures Of The Home

As I sit and write this post, I think of how many posts that have been sacrificed to the likes of Houzz. Damn that site. 

We are smack in the middle of remodeling our recently acquired 100-year-old house.  We got our first look (in person) at the initial deconstruction after getting off a red-eye flight from Hawaii with the kids at the end of October.  The previous 25 days were spent on a family adventure.   The only connection with the reality happening to our house were photos sent over SMS from our pet sitters, many of which you can see below.  The deconstruction was the most major part of the remodel and we had to be gone for this phase.  The timing worked well. 

However, we have stalled getting after the rest of the kitchen until after the holidays because we will most likely have to move out again AND we are saving up more money so we can pay for this behemoth that somehow keeps expanding.  If we do that, we may as well also do that while we are at it.  And so it goes.   The unfortunate situation is that we are in complete and total flux for the holidays.  It is not easy to create meals and such in the kitchen and we have minimal furniture.  We will be sitting on the hardwood floors around the tree.  I’m a little bummed but I am willing to sacrifice the illusion of the perfect holiday season for a beautiful comfortable home in the near future.  After all, what Christmas ever measures up to the fantasy we create in our minds.  This year I will let go of the fantasy, throw up some lights out front and focus on the important things about the season.  Togetherness. 

The gallery below is a look at the progress.  This week the new french door and windows were installed, which is fortunate because we have no insulation and it is full on winter.

Here is what our fantastic contractor has accomplished so far:

1. Removal of an old coal furnace chimney in order to run a staircase straight up to the second floor landing.  This eliminated two lower landings and a split staircase in the upstairs hallway and also eliminated a 6 foot drop ceiling in the kitchen as you entered from the dining room. (it was the old staircase landing that was in the way).

2. Deconstruction of the old staircase and construction of a brand new one.

3.  Deconstruction of the old kitchen and mudroom to make way for the new. This included taking down an original exterior wall raising the mudroom floor and raising the mudroom ceiling  They are now one making a beautiful potential for a modern kitchen!

The gallery has a little bit of organization to it so click through first to last photos and you will be able to see before and middle.  The rest of the project commences January 5th! Just a note: some of the before photos were taken on our tour before we even bought the house.                                                                                                                                  


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