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Buttercream Red Velvet Cupcakes

Buttercream Red Velvet Cupcakes

These Buttercream Red Velvet cupcakes were made with love by Ella for her middle school friends for Valentine’s Day. They were absolutely delicious and worth sharing.  She made them from start to finish all by herself.  I was simply the consultant.  Total time with mixing and baking was about 2 hours total, but we only have one pan of 24 mini cupcakes.  If you had multiples it would go more quickly. Continue reading

Halloween Kid Costumes

Halloween Costume Awesomeness

We celebrate Halloween big around here.  It starts the week before and does not stop until November 1st.  It commences with an adult only party that my friend, Kelsey, has hosted for years.  The adults get creative, crazy and pretend like we are twenty-somethings for one evening a year.  Lots of mischief and inappropriate behavior ensue.  Continue reading

Tomato Jam Jar

Tomato Jam, Pesto and Ricotta Jar – Nordstram Style

I was recently in Denver with my tennis team.  We went to lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe to celebrate a win, which was a treat because we don’t have a Nordstrom in Fort Collins.  I am not even a shopper, but walking into Nordstrom made me want to shop and eat.  Someone ordered the tomato jam jar and I could not stop eating it.  The tomatoes in my garden are peaking right now so a few days after I got back I set out to recreate it.  It is so delicious and perfect for a summer appetizer if you have some ripe tomatoes for the jam.  Continue reading

Ella and the chicks

15 Years of Wedded Bliss and a Dead Chick

The cool morning turned hot and the kids ran in what seemed like circles  pummeling questions at me not allowing time for my answers before they fired off the next one.  We were trying to get out of the house for 24 hours to celebrate 15 years of marriage with a little quiet and togetherness.  Grammy and Grandpa were in town and Carla our awesome babysitter was also on duty.  I am always anxious before leaving the house.  Even if we are just going to dinner, it is always so hard for me to leave.  Darren always reassures me that they will survive without us and that our caretakers are completely competent.  I know all these things, but leaving on any level gives me anxiety.  I don’t even like leaving the animals so the three kids are tough for me.  Continue reading

Feet in Christmas PJs

The Measure of Life

It is a curious thing, time.  It permeates our stories from the beginning.  How long was she in the belly? how long did it take her to come out?  How long before she rolls over, crawls, walks, talks?  I remember not being able to wait for these milestones with my first baby and then realizing how swiftly it all passes.   Continue reading

Old range

Adventures Of The Home

As I sit and write this post, I think of how many posts that have been sacrificed to the likes of Houzz. Damn that site. 

We are smack in the middle of remodeling our recently acquired 100-year-old house.  We got our first look (in person) at the initial deconstruction after getting off a red-eye flight from Hawaii with the kids at the end of October.  The previous 25 days were spent on a family adventure.   The only connection with the reality happening to our house were photos sent over SMS from our pet sitters, many of which you can see below.  The deconstruction was the most major part of the remodel and we had to be gone for this phase.  The timing worked well.  Continue reading

Kalalau Trail, Kauai Hawaii

T-10 days: Hawaii

September is a month of change and shift.  We all need to shift slightly to adjust to the changing season and schedule.  There are more demands and less lounging.  Sleep is always an issue in my house.  I gave birth to three restless sleepers that have a hard time shutting it down and rising in the morning.  Now that we are on day 18 it’s better.  We are starting to get a groove on in school and at home.  Continue reading