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Halloween Kid Costumes

Halloween Costume Awesomeness

We celebrate Halloween big around here.  It starts the week before and does not stop until November 1st.  It commences with an adult only party that my friend, Kelsey, has hosted for years.  The adults get creative, crazy and pretend like we are twenty-somethings for one evening a year.  Lots of mischief and inappropriate behavior ensue.  Continue reading

Feet in Christmas PJs

The Measure of Life

It is a curious thing, time.  It permeates our stories from the beginning.  How long was she in the belly? how long did it take her to come out?  How long before she rolls over, crawls, walks, talks?  I remember not being able to wait for these milestones with my first baby and then realizing how swiftly it all passes.   Continue reading