It’s a Very Good Place to Start

WordPress told me this was my first post so I thought I would go with it.  I have wanted to do this for so long and here I am doing it.  I have always been a late bloomer.   I already blog with my crazy sisters over at The Mary Sisters on all sorts of things, but  I wanted a place where I could document everything for my family.  I want them to be able to look back on these pages to be reminded that they are loved and remember the little things.  I want to remember the little things.  I’ve tried doing this in a paper journal, but I have never be able to pull it off so I am hoping that the prospect of somebody actually reading will help with my sticktoitiveness.

My mom suddenly passed away when I was 21 and I have nothing of her thoughts, her feelings about me or anything for that matter documented except a few journal entries my sister found.  They were very depressing.  I know from experience we tend to want to write when things are hard.  I have the college journals to prove it.  This blog is not going to focus on the hard stuff and that’s not to say I will never write about it, but I want to focus on the beauty.

A record of life to look back is a great thing, but more importantly is the now.  At this point in my life I want to write.  This is my space for that.


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