Create A Cute Felt Owl

It’s so easy a ten year old can do it.  We celebrated Ella’s double-digit birthday last week.  She wanted a small sleep over with two of her besties.  I thought about things that we could do for party fun now that they are 10.  They are young enough not to be distracted by social media – thank god, but too old for traditional party games.  So we settled on a craft with Ella’s owl obsession as the central theme.

Felt Owl Craft

Here is what we used for each owl:
4″ styrofoam ball
28 mm googly eyes
mini glue guns
3 different colors of felt rectangles (plus one piece of brown for beak and ears)
This template ( though we deviated for the feathers).

I used the instructions on this site, which was very useful and deviated when it came to cutting feathers to save time as I was cutting felt for the three girls and myself.

Tip:  I cut out the felt prior to sitting down with them to create and glue.  I also bought little glue guns ( I picked them up at Micheal’s for less than $5 a piece) for each girl.  It saved me time and any discussion about who got to use the one and only glue gun.

1. Press your styrofoam ball against a flat surface to create a flat bottom.  It will keep your little owl from rolling away.

2. Print out your template and cut out each piece.  First, cut out the feathers.  In the template the feather is #3, but this is where we did our own thing to save time.  In total, you will need about 50 feathers per owl.  To save time, we used a rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut the feathers.  We cut them into a diamond shape and made them about the same size as the template feather.  It was much faster to use the rotary cutter rather then scissors.  Some of the girls used two colors for the belly feathers and one color for the back feathers.  Some used two for the back and two for the belly.  It’s up to you to get creative.

3. Stagger and glue on the feathers on top of one another starting at the bottom of the ball and working your way up until you have almost reached  the the top of the styrofoam ball. You don’t have to cover the ball entirely since there will be a cone shaped head covering (#5).

Felt Owl Craft

4.  Cut out the felt for pieces #1, #2, and #5 from the template as well as the brown felt for #4, which will be the beak and the ears.

5.  Glue the small eye piece #2 onto the large eye piece #1.  Next glue on the googly eyes.

6. Glue one of the felt brown triangles (#4) for the beak directly to the ball and center it.  Then pinch wide part of the last two brown triangles together at the base with some hot glue. You will have to decide where you want the ears before gluing on the eye pieces.  Once you have decided, glue the ears to the ball and then glue on the eye pieces make sure everything is looking anatomically lined up for your round little owl.

7.  Lastly, glue your cone shaped felt (#5) and center the tip of the cone shaped felt  between the eyes making sure to cover up any bald spots not covered by your feathers.

Good Luck!



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