Garden on the The Big Island, Hawaii

Mice Not Nice: The Big Island

  “There was a mouse!  It ran from the kitchen over there, ” Liam said as we were unloading luggage and groceries into our little bungalow for the second part of our adventure on the The Big Island.  “No way,” I said in total disbelief.  And really I did not believe him until I saw several others over the next 24 hours with my own eyes.   Hammock on The Big Island, Hawaii

Swing on the Big Island, HawaiiAdventures would not be adventures without curve balls or as Darren always says, “It’s not supposed to be fun, it’s an adventure!”  Part 2 of the Big Island got off to a dirty start.  When the wound is not so fresh, maybe I will do a full blown review of these next accommodations, but for now I can only muster up the overview.  We left the resort a bit sad (and relieved) to say good-bye to anything at our fingertips (for a price), but also so welcoming the change to preparing our own food in our own space.  We were so looking forward to our next location and exploring The Big Island. 

KissingTree on the Big Island HawaiiMy research on this guest ranch was thorough enough or so I thought.  They offered little bungalows, a place for the kids to run and explore, a pool and the opportunity to use their fruit, vegetables and eggs from their garden and chickens – right up my alley.  I don’t want to run through the long list of things that we encountered, so I will only mention the mice.   Lots of them.   We were totally torn about what we should do.  I felt a completely mislead by their website, but felt if we packed up and moved on it would be the opposite of teaching our kids to persevere.  In the end, we decided that we teach our kids this lesson all year long and on our once in a lifetime month in Hawaii we were going to pack up and ask for a refund.  Our lesson in this situation is politely, yet assertively stand up for yourself when you feel like you have been mislead by a product or service. 

Garden on the The Big Island, HawaiiThe hosts of the ranch were very nice and said they would of course refund our money due to our laundry list of issues topped off by our little friends the mice.  They also explained that they were having a surge of mice on the island and they did not want to use all sorts of poison to rid the bungalows of mice.  I am going to email and suggest the ranch might need a cat or two. 

Chickens on the Big Island, HawaiiThe day we left was hard.  We did not want to go back to a hotel setting, but with short notice a VRBO was kind of out of the question.  When you come right down to it, we were going back to a hotel for four nights  – in paradise.  We could not really feel sorry for ourselves.  I did feel a little bit defeated though.  We were so excited for this ranch and as you can see from the pictures it was in a beautiful setting – just really sketchy accommodations.  

The next day, Darren was cleaning out a carry-on bag that contained a bag of unopened snack size crackers.  It was completely unopened with the exception of the giant hole where the mice chewed through the side.  This made us feel better about our decision.




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  1. I’m so sorry you had to deal with this headache on your vacation. I would have been outta there in a flash. I love the idea of staying off the beaten track, but I always worry about exactly this kind of thing. Hope the rest of your vacation was (is? Are you still there?) fabulous!
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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Dana. Yes, we are still here. We have one more week and are now on Kauai with no mice in our accommodations. 🙂

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