Surfing with Epic Kids in Santa Teresa

Surfing with the Kids in Santa Teresa

Did I mention that it is a magical place, Santa Teresa?  And part of its magic comes from the allure of riding the waves of its pristine beaches.  We wanted to experience just a little bit of Santa Teresa’s surfing culture and being that we were a group of 6 inexperienced surfing parents with 8 inexperienced surfing children, we thought it best to start off our surfing adventure with a lesson.  Continue reading

Feet in Christmas PJs

The Measure of Life

It is a curious thing, time.  It permeates our stories from the beginning.  How long was she in the belly? how long did it take her to come out?  How long before she rolls over, crawls, walks, talks?  I remember not being able to wait for these milestones with my first baby and then realizing how swiftly it all passes.   Continue reading

Old range

Adventures Of The Home

As I sit and write this post, I think of how many posts that have been sacrificed to the likes of Houzz. Damn that site. 

We are smack in the middle of remodeling our recently acquired 100-year-old house.  We got our first look (in person) at the initial deconstruction after getting off a red-eye flight from Hawaii with the kids at the end of October.  The previous 25 days were spent on a family adventure.   The only connection with the reality happening to our house were photos sent over SMS from our pet sitters, many of which you can see below.  The deconstruction was the most major part of the remodel and we had to be gone for this phase.  The timing worked well.  Continue reading

Another Rainbow on Kauai

A Family in Paradise: The Good the Bad and the Puker

Today, the wind whips to challenge the palm trees to remain vertical. The waves come in short ferocious sets each one trying to out do the next with the size of their salty spray as they slam into the small cliffs in our temporary backyard.  We have the sliding doors wide open as the rain is only light right now.  The southern tip of Kauai is just about to come into play on the radar for Tropical Storm Ana.  We watch the force of the waves and wait with anticipation for more wind and rain.  Darren has been fighting a high fever through the night thanks to the some annoying virus we have so graciously shared with one another.  Our last few days in Paradise have been rather real life to say the least. Continue reading

Garden on the The Big Island, Hawaii

Mice Not Nice: The Big Island

  “There was a mouse!  It ran from the kitchen over there, ” Liam said as we were unloading luggage and groceries into our little bungalow for the second part of our adventure on the The Big Island.  “No way,” I said in total disbelief.  And really I did not believe him until I saw several others over the next 24 hours with my own eyes.    Continue reading

paddle boarding off the Big Island 2

Commencing Adventure: The Big Island

We live in a hood where people are constantly running through our house, big people, little people all sorts of people.  We like people.  My kids will send me over the edge with the constant play date requests and sometimes the play dates just show up, request or no request.  There is always an event to attend.  We have to consciously declare that it is a family day to alert the kids that it will be just us for the afternoon or the evening.  It is usually met with a drawn out, but whyyyyy??!!  Continue reading

Kalalau Trail, Kauai Hawaii

T-10 days: Hawaii

September is a month of change and shift.  We all need to shift slightly to adjust to the changing season and schedule.  There are more demands and less lounging.  Sleep is always an issue in my house.  I gave birth to three restless sleepers that have a hard time shutting it down and rising in the morning.  Now that we are on day 18 it’s better.  We are starting to get a groove on in school and at home.  Continue reading