Fall Aspens

Stopping the Crazy for Colorado Color

The canyon walls attempted to hide the hot sun.  It was still 73 degrees at 4:30 on September 21st in the middle of the Poudre Canyon.   Cool old busLast year we missed almost every second of the fall transition because we were on our Hawaiian Adventure.  This year I was going to hunt down and conquer the fall beauty. I realized that 15 minutes into our drive that I had been a bit over zealous.  It was still summer even on the first day of fall.  Even in Colorado.  Ah well.
Sisters Darren worked all weekend and I gave in to sleepovers and the kids were completely and utterly wiped out, cranky little you know whats on Sunday. Siblings Today we pulled them out of school a little early and bagged after school activities and got out of dodge for just a few hours.Fall Aspens

We drove up up up in search of yellows and reds and we finally found some.  We stopped the crazy on a Monday, the after school madness, work and homework to carve out a moment.  With minimal fighting and some candy for photo op bribery, we made it work.  We had a beer and some ginger ale on a riverside deck and toasted the goodness of the moment.  

Happy Monday!


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