Surfing with Epic Kids in Santa Teresa

Surfing with the Kids in Santa Teresa

Did I mention that it is a magical place, Santa Teresa?  And part of its magic comes from the allure of riding the waves of its pristine beaches.  We wanted to experience just a little bit of Santa Teresa’s surfing culture and being that we were a group of 6 inexperienced surfing parents with 8 inexperienced surfing children, we thought it best to start off our surfing adventure with a lesson. 

Surf and Instruct in Santa Teresa

The manager of our villas recommended Del Soul Surf School.  It is located right downtown.  Their crew took us to Playa Hermosa just a little bit North of Santa Teresa.  Playa Hermosa was the most family friendly of beaches we encountered in Santa Teresa.  The almost, non-existent pitch and significant depth made for plenty of shallows to play in and lots of waves to catch.  As was the case with all the beaches we encountered, there was still a very strong and indecisive rip current. 

Juliet on a Surf board in Santa Teresa

Amit was our lead instructor.  He was organized and professional and personable.  It was obvious that he had practiced his profession for years and he was genuinely interested in making sure that each one of us was successful in our endeavor to ride a wave (or several waves by the end of our adventure).  Darren opted to take pictures and watch Liam while we all surfed knowing that he would get his turn on the board throughout the week. 

Surfing with Epic Kids in Santa Teresa

We started off with a land lesson.  He helped each of us with board positioning and popping up several times before entering the water.   At the start of the water portion of the lesson Amit and crew instructed us when to get on the boards, positioned us correctly and pushed us into the waves.  It makes it way easier to balance and stand up when the timing of the wave is precise. 

Surfing with Ella in Santa Teresa

I had a fleeting thought that I may have been born to surf and maybe should have headed to California rather than Colorado in my early twenties.  The sound and force of the wave to a beginner seems WAY bigger than it actually is.  As I stood atop my long board with my hands outstretched in warrior 2, I was envisioning grace and balance and how cool it was that I was actually riding this beautiful big wave.   What was in my head and what was really happening differed quite a bit.  The reality was this:

Surfing Mama in Santa Teresa

I am okay with it though because it was a thrill nonetheless.  We all went back for more throughout the week and moved on to timing our own waves and paddling our hearts out.  It made for a lot of wipe outs, but we all got a little better as the week progressed. 

Surfing with Kiddos in Santa Teresa

By the end of the lesson each one of us including all of the children ages 6-13 were standing, balancing and riding on waves.   The kids were amazing.  Ella and Juliet had surfed for the first time back in October in Kauai and the other kids had either never surfed or had played around a little bit on their own.  After the lesson we got a few boards for the week and they were mostly always in use by kids and adults alike. 

Even Liam got his turns.  My 4-year-old little dude riding his first wave.Surfing with Dad in Santa Teresa


Liam surfing in Santa Teresa

Plan. Pack. GO.
Del Soul Surf School – Santa Teresa, on the main road about 100m North from beach access and hostel “Brunela” 
Reservations:  We called ahead to book only two days before, even with our large group we were able to get a lesson scheduled.
What to wear:  Rash guard and board shorts will prevent board burn.  Del Soul will provide rash guards, but ewww.  You will be way happier with your own rash guard that does not stink like the 20 other people that wore it before you. 
What is included: They will also provide transport to the beach as well as the board. 


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