Kalalau Trail, Kauai Hawaii

T-10 days: Hawaii

September is a month of change and shift.  We all need to shift slightly to adjust to the changing season and schedule.  There are more demands and less lounging.  Sleep is always an issue in my house.  I gave birth to three restless sleepers that have a hard time shutting it down and rising in the morning.  Now that we are on day 18 it’s better.  We are starting to get a groove on in school and at home. 

Darren went away for an entire work week on a mountain bike trip to Park City, UT.  I was solo mom amidst the September shift and I have to say I did okay.  There were zero major meltdowns and only a few minor incidents that I solved with a few deep breaths and a glass of wine or two.

We harvested the garden the day before an early frost, which was kind of sad since the garden was also just getting her groove on cranking out gorgeous tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers everyday.  On the upside I have spent many hours making sauce, pickles and dips, which fill the house with beautiful garlicy and roasted tomato smells.

Ripe tomato harvest

Ripe tomato harvest

Pre-frost harvest. Lots of green.

Pre-frost harvest. Lots of green.

Luv Leenie Kitchen

Cooking down roasted tomatoes on my 28 year old range.

On to T-10 days…Hawaii.  We have decided to totally derail our new found rhythm with a  trip to Hawaii!  On September 29th our virgin voyage to the Big Island and Kauai commence.  We are dropping work, school, music and sports and we are checking out for a 25 day long family date.  This is going to be the first major travel test for our family as we our staying at four different locations in 25 days.  We will have to fit in some school work and presentation building as we go so the kids have something to teach their class upon return, but other than that it is going to be a complete non-work adventure. 


Kalalau Trail, Kauai Hawaii (royalty free stock photo

Kalalau Trail, Kauai Hawaii (royalty free stock photo)

This trip has been a long time coming.  It is Darren’s first short sabbatical and we have been waiting literally years to do this.  We chose Hawaii for a bunch of reasons:

1.  Neither Darren or I has ever been there and have always wanted to go.
2.  We were knee-deep in planning a trip to Hawaii for our honeymoon, but pulled out due to lack of cash.
3.  Liam is still only 3.  Hawaii will offer us lots of adventure, but also down time, which will be needed by my little guy (and his parents).
4.  October is a great time to go to Hawaii being that the weather is still amazing, but it is their low season, which makes it cheaper with more options and availability. 

So I am planning, planning, planning and gathering special little things to surprise the kids with on the plane to keep them occupied.  For the girls: journals, two fun card games, jewelery tattoos (not pictured) and a hair wrap kit are in the vault so far.  Liam is a little bit more challenging.  I am thinking a little Lego project, colorforms of some sort and some basic art supplies.  My friend, Kelsey had a great suggestion, which was give them one surprise an hour for each hour of the 7 hour flight.  I love this idea and think I will use it.

Plane fun

Plane fun

The journals say  – green: “It’s like a wish or a dream. But I write it down anyway.  It lives in my heart.”  orange: These days the closer she looks at her life, the more beauty she sees.  There is something worth noticing everywhere.”

If you have any must see or dos for the Big Island or Kauai, please please leave them in my comments.  We are using the guidebooks – The Big Island Revealed and Ultimate Kauai Revealed.



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