Another Rainbow on Kauai

A Family in Paradise: The Good the Bad and the Puker

Today, the wind whips to challenge the palm trees to remain vertical. The waves come in short ferocious sets each one trying to out do the next with the size of their salty spray as they slam into the small cliffs in our temporary backyard.  We have the sliding doors wide open as the rain is only light right now.  The southern tip of Kauai is just about to come into play on the radar for Tropical Storm Ana.  We watch the force of the waves and wait with anticipation for more wind and rain.  Darren has been fighting a high fever through the night thanks to the some annoying virus we have so graciously shared with one another.  Our last few days in Paradise have been rather real life to say the least.

A couple of days ago when we were in between houses and Liam spiked a fever and left his breakfast on the driveway of the restaurant, we held it together and remained as positive as possible because there was no other option.  None of us could go to our rooms to escape the unpleasantness for even just a minute because there were no rooms.  Just us traveling trying to make the best decisions and help each other through. 

Our little Hawaii story continues to unfold.  It is not over yet and we hope to get a few more days of fever free exploring in the sun to wrap up what I can only call our most ultimate family adventure to date, but an adventure could not be called an adventure without having to overcome some adversity.  Whether it is forces out of our control or our own internal family demons we have to work out, we have not imploded and better yet, we are a stronger team than the one that sat on the runway 21 days ago. 

Of course, there is the spectacular parts too, but I honestly think that all of it together, the good and the bad and the mundane moments sit where they may to compliment one another and each becomes more fervent in the company of the other. 

Last night, I watched Darren pull a Japanese print of Koi off our rental property wall and instruct our kids how to recreate their own version with water color pencils.  Yesterday,  I powered through a challenging hike, my body so tired from sleep deprivation and this annoying virus to hear my kids name the uphill part of the hike as one of their favorite parts of the day.

And then there is the beauty – so much beauty.

To make this grey day cooped up in our condo brighter I created the death by vacation photos video.  Enjoy (if you have a few more minutes).

Hawaii: The Big Island and Kauai from kathleen tremblay on Vimeo.



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